Force For Knowledge Symposiums

The world is constantly changing. The only way to benefit from that change is to acquire more knowledge. To learn about new discoveries, new categories, new tactics, and techniques. This has led us to reach out into our network to find people with rare experience and expertise to lead symposiums on a number of subjects that will help define the world moving forward and also serve as platforms for a profitable future for investors.

At Force Family Office, we are always looking for ways to illuminate new areas of opportunity.

Over the past three years, we’ve hosted events on biotech investing, electric vehicle infrastructure, the cancer moonshot, and other important topics that have helped the investors in our network become better prepared for the world ahead.


The Future of Work
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Join us for a Force Family Office educational event featuring leading experts in recruiting, workplace technology, and workforce development.


EV Symposium #1
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Three panels on local and last-mile mobility solutions with thought leaders in the electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure sectors to help investors understand where those opportunities may exist.


EV Symposium #2
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Watch this lively discussion led by Craig Irwin, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst leading ROTH Cleantech coverage for the products and services that enable the Utility of The Future, including charging infrastructure, batteries, and electric vehicles.


Metaverse 101
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NVidia, EscherCloud, Cloudalize and others are powering the internet’s biggest transformation since its invention.


Food Tech 101
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Two panel discussions with innovative leaders of food and agriculture companies and analysts with deep expertise in the space.


NFT 101
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Join this webinar to hear how blockchain and NFT is creating opportunities for Beasy and other great companies in the Sustainability, Technology, FinTech, and Fund segments.