bit.bio is unlocking the therapeutic potential of human cells to create a new era of medicine where living medicines are programmed cure chronic and deadly diseases. Through their Identity Cell Codling Platform, the company has developed a way to reprogram stem cells rapidly and at the scale to create novel therapies. bit.bio has developed their Discovery Platform using big data and machine learning to read the code script of each cell. Once the script has been defined, their Opti-ox precision reprogramming technology uses CRISPR and other cell editing techniques to write information into the cell’s genetic code. bit.bio’s Identity Cell Coding Platform is incredibly precise, takes just days, and cuts manufacturing costs to one-tenth of current cell therapies. It’s also scalable, allowing bit.bio to create trillions of cells in a GMP facility, making cell therapy accessible to millions of patients.


EV Symposium #1
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Three panels on local and last-mile mobility solutions with thought leaders in the electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure sectors to help investors understand where those opportunities may exist.


EV Symposium #2
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Watch this lively discussion led by Craig Irwin, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst leading ROTH Cleantech coverage for the products and services that enable the Utility of The Future, including charging infrastructure, batteries, and electric vehicles.


Metaverse 101
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NVidia, EscherCloud, Cloudalize and others are powering the internet’s biggest transformation since its invention.

The world is constantly changing. The only way to benefit from that change is to acquire more knowledge. To learn about new discoveries, new categories, new tactics, and techniques. At Force Family Office, we are always looking for ways to illuminate new areas of opportunity. This has led us to reach out into our network to find people with rare experience and expertise to lead symposiums on a number of subjects that will help define the world moving forward and also serve as platforms for a profitable future for investors.

At Force Family Office, we are always looking for ways to illuminate new areas of opportunity.

Over the past year, we’ve hosted events on biotech investing, electric vehicle infrastructure, the cancer moonshot, and other important topics that have helped the investors in our network become better prepared for the world ahead.

Highlights From Our Past Events

We are always working with our network to find new areas to explore, bringing new leaders and fresh perspectives to the table.


Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor at MIT and one of the founders of Moderna, led a discussion on best practices in biotech investing. Dr. Langer has been granted over 1,400 patents, been cited in more than 331,000 scholarly publications, and written more than 1,500 articles. He discussed what he looks for in a start up, the intersection of science and commerce, the power of teamwork, and why Intellectual Property is the cornerstone of success.


We learned about how to secure global unicorn deal flow at the seed stage from Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch and Andy Tang a partner at Draper Associates. The two shared some of their principles for finding opportunities in emerging markets, the role of the founder, and how good ideas are only the table stakes for a new company.


We brought together a panel of leaders from innovative companies in the electric vehicle space to inform our network about the opportunities that will be created by the EV revolution. This two part event covered not just the vehicles and manufacturing companies, but also electric infrastructure that will be needed to power them including changing networks, AI, and other technologies to that will enhance the experience and improve the efficiency of the industry.