Force for Knowledge Podcast

We’re naturally curious about things.  Not just finance and family offices, but a lot of things. This podcast  is our effort to explore the world and bring a wide range of voices, expertise, and opinions on an eclectic array of topics  to our community.  Let’s learn from the smartest people in the world together.

Episode 1:

The Economics of Alcohol

How Whiskey Barrels Can Be A Store Of Value with Justin Stiefel, CEO of Heritage Distilling Company

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Episode 2:

Robb Report On Trends In Automotive Luxury

Learn from Viju Mathew, Automotive Editor for the Robb Report, a leading luxury publication as we talk about the Car of the Year and RR1.

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Episode 3:

Steve Eisman, How He Called The Big Short

Learn from Steve Eisman, Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman and American investor who shorted collaterized debt obligations (CDOs), calling the subprime mortgage crisis seen in “The Big Short.” 

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Episode 4:

Lumicell - CEO Kevin Hershberger & Brent Palmisano, Chief Commercial Officer

Learn from Kevin Hershberger, Lumicell, President & Chief Executive Officer; and Brent Palmisano, Lumicell, Chief Commercial Officer, as they share about Lumicell’s transformative technology to evolve the standard of care in cancer surgery.

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Episode 5:

The Power of Healthier Spaces

Learn from Paul Scialla, Founder & CEO, Delos. Delos is helping to transform indoor environments into vehicles for health, well-being, performance and resilience by bringing together experts across the health sciences and building sciences.

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Episode 6:

Novel & Innovative Therapeutics - Thomas Collet, PhD & Robert Langer, SCD - Bilayer Therapeutics

Learn from Thomas Collet, PhD, Bilayer Therapeutics – President & CEO; and Robert Langer, SCDBilayer Therapeutics – Director & Scientific Advisor, MIT, about how the company is creating first-in-class therapies for gastrointestinal disease and metabolic disorders.

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Episode 7:

Oxford Lane Capital Corp - Saul B. Rosenthal, President

Learn from Saul B. Rosenthal, President, Oxford Lane Capital Corp (Nasdaq: OXLC) about close end funds and fixed income securities.

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Episode 8:

The Future of Sustainable Aquaculture - Bill Bien, CEO, Forever Oceans

Learn from Bill Bien, CEO of Forever Oceans, about how the company has built the most technologically advanced aquaculture platform on the planet to grow healthier and tastier using a sustainable method.

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Episode 9:

Reducing Humanity’s Carbon Footprint Through Scientific Innovation - Marc Delcourt, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Bioenergies

Learn from Marc Delcourt, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Bioenergies, about how his company is reducing humanity’s carbon footprint through scientific innovation.

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Episode 10:

Investment Opportunities in Cannabis - Mina Mishrikey, Partner, Merida Capital & David Goldstein, CEO, Stoke Inventory Partners Inc.

Learn from David Goldstein, CEO, Stoke Inventory Partners Inc. and Mina Mishrikey: Partner, Head of Investments at Merida Capital about opportunities in the Cannabis sector.

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If you have a suggestion for a topic  or someone you’d like to hear from on this platform, please email Steven Saltzstein and we will do our best to create an episode based on your suggestion.