Force for Knowledge Podcast

We’re naturally curious about things.  Not just finance and family offices, but a lot of things. This podcast  is our effort to explore the world and bring a wide range of voices, expertise, and opinions on an eclectic array of topics  to our community.  Let’s learn from the smartest people in the world together.

Episode 1: The Economics of Alcohol

How Whiskey Barrels Can Be A Store Of Value with Justin Stiefel, CEO of Heritage Distilling Company

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Episode 2; Robb Report On Trends In Automotive Luxury

Learn from Viju Mathew, Automotive Editor for the Robb Report, a leading luxury publication as we talk about the Car of the Year and RR1.

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Episode 3: Steve Eisman, How He Called The Big Short

Learn from Steve Eisman, Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman and American investor who shorted collaterized debt obligations (CDOs), calling the subprime mortgage crisis seen in “The Big Short.” 

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If you have a suggestion for a topic  or someone you’d like to hear from on this platform, please email Steven Saltzstein and we will do our best to create an episode based on your suggestion.