Force Private Credit

Force offers borrowers an alternative to traditional bank loans and other debt financing, and investors a powerful complement to fixed income strategies via our private credit services initiative. 

Experienced Credit Leadership

With interest rates rising, credit markets tightening, and the IPO environment becoming more challenging, companies are turning to new strategies to raise capital for operations and expansion. One of those options is private credit. For a borrower, the advantages of private credit include greater availability and speed of access to capital. It also offers greater confidentiality by avoiding the dissemination of proprietary information. 

By adding private credit to our portfolio of services, Force is giving its network of investors a powerful complement to traditional fixed income strategies. Private credit offers incremental income generation, potential resilience, return enhancement, and diversification. Over the past decade, the asset class has generated higher yield than most other asset classes, including 3-6% over public high yield and broadly syndicated loans. Borrowers have been willing to pay a premium for the certainty of execution, agility and customization that private lenders offer.

If you’re a company looking for private credit to support your vision or a family office interested in high quality credit deal flow, email Neal by clicking on the contact us icon.

Neal Neilinger

Force Private Credit is being led by Neal Neilinger, a seasoned professional who has been a leader in credit markets for 35 years. Neal’s experience includes running credit trading in London for Lehman Brothers and Deustsche Bank as well as an advisor to New York Private Bank & Trust.