Who We Work With

We work with both private and public companies to hone their stories and gain access to the investment decision-makers at our esteemed network of Family Offices, presenting the company and the opportunity in the best way possible.

It all starts with a conversation. Talk to us if you are:

Interested in Joining Our Growing Network of Family Offices

We understand the investment priorities, preferences, and philosophies of Family Offices. Their generational horizon allows them to look past the annual timelines of many investors or lenders. They often look to take positions in the companies they invest in, and prefer investing in companies with clear ESG goals and/or an impact potential.

A Public or Private Company Looking to Increase Visibility

Using our connections and data we facilitate email introductions, one-on-one meetings, webinars, and other experiential ways for companies to interact with Family Offices. The goal is to build relationships that lead to an investment partnership.

In Search of a Service Provider

FORCE is, at its heart, a connector.

Over the years we have vetted top-tier law firms, accounting houses, investment banks, and other related services to ensure they are specifically suited to Family Offices and the companies they invest in.

Force brings Family Offices together to share intellectual capital and best practices across all areas of their operation. We provide them with a platform to help spread the word about their charities and philanthropic work. We also introduce them to best-in-class service providers.

Our ultimate goal is to bring Family Offices together in the context of co-investing by sharing investment opportunities in what we believe are innovative and public and private companies with bright futures ahead.

Direct investment in private and public companies has grown significantly over the past 20 years as the number of Family Offices has grown nearly 10-fold and traditional investments have shown low rates of return. This has brought a whole new source of trillions of investment dollars into play, the key for a company is understanding how to access it.