FORCE Family Office Hosts Summit On “The Future of Golf.”

NEW YORK, April 8, 2021 — Just in time to bask in the post-Masters glow, FORCE Family Office is hosting a conversation of the Future of Golf with Greg Nathan, Chief Business Officer for the National Golf Foundation, and Robert Silzer, CEO and founder of Vantage Tag Systems, a division of DSG Global and a leading golf technology company. This webinar will take place Tuesday, April 13 at 12:00 EDT and is open to all.

One of few good things to come from COVID-19 is a resurgence in the game of golf. Rounds were up 13% last year as people rediscovered the game or picked it up for the first time. Greg Nathan will put this surge in perspective, talk about its sustainability, and provide an overview of the state of the golf industry.

“There’s a lot happening in the golf industry right now,” Mr. Nathan said, “from new global trends to individual golf course ownership and management. That’s creating new opportunities for innovators.”

He will also highlight the industry sectors to watch as well as share insights on why people play, why they leave the game, and what can be done about it.

Without giving too much away, one of those things is speeding up pace of play. Robert Silzer will discuss how his company is helping courses manage that while increasing the number of rounds available with innovative GPS tracking systems and new breakthrough golf cart designs.

Steven Saltzstein, President of FORCE Family Office says, “We’re excited to share these insights with the Family Offices and others in our network. Golf is a great game and this is a unique opportunity to learn how it will evolve to meet the demands of future players.”

Anyone interested in joining the webinar can sign up at on the events page.

About FORCE Family Office
FORCE is the largest network of Family Offices, Foundations, Endowments, and individual accredited investors in the United States. They introduce members of their network to leaders of public companies and privately held businesses at the capital acquisition stage. In addition, they facilitate co-investment opportunities, information sharing, philanthropy, and networking among their elite, peer-to-peer community.

About Vantage Tag Systems
Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) provides patented electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses and other avenues that allow for remote management of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. VTS’s unique technology can significantly reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency plus profitability of their fleet operations, increase safety, and enhance customer satisfaction. VTS has grown to become a leader in the category of Fleet Management in the golf industry, with their technology installed in over vehicles worldwide. Additional information is available at

About The National Golf Foundation
The NGF is the most trusted and preeminent provider of golf market research, insights and direct marketing services for organizations that rely on accurate and timely information to support their businesses. Being a part of the NGF means connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who support the organization’s efforts that contribute to golf’s long-term success.

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